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Maintenance Work

The last few weeks have been spent working to address some of the stuff that’s happened to the layout over the winter:

  • Several figures needed to be repainted, reset on their bases, or otherwise repaired.
  • Some roofs needed repainting
  • Cleaning buildings of mud/rain splatter
  • Sprinkler repair
  • Getting the last of the leaves out of the tunnel

Plus there were other things to take care of:

  • Weeding
  • Re-leveling/settling track
  • New plants

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Steam Up Siding

When I started my layout, live steam wasn’t even a gleam in my eye. I planned on analog DC to start and a possible move to DCC later. But I’ve got the live steam bug now.

to make steaming up more convenient, I’ve decided to add a siding where steamers can be serviced and steamed up more easily. Not done yet, but here’s a start.

Kansas Wind

Well, it was a little windy (gusting to 50) here the other day. Several buildings blew over. I’ll need to find a better way to anchor the town buildings, as even though they are large and have relatively low centers of gravity, the wind here is crazy.

Unfortunately, a car got broken and some pedestrians were knocked off their bases. I’m in the process of fixing the car and adding pins to the base to better hold the people.

Too Busy (and Cold) for Trains

Wow. What a couple of weeks. With Christmas coming and things very busy at work, it’s been almost impossible to find time to go outside. Add to that the fact that it’s been in the teens and very windy, and I haven’t been outside much at all.

I do have a new project I’m working on: a town facade and shuttling trolley for the top of the bookcases in my office. But that’s not far enough along for me to even have any pictures.

I Love Summer

Haven’t posted in a while… work, kids, other hobbies, etc, have me pretty busy. Bought an M998 (HMMWV) that’s eaten up a lot of time, but yesterday I was running trains and thought “This looks pretty good, I should take a picture”

Another slow period

Nothing much exciting is going on with the railroad at the moment. I’m working to fix some of the buildings that have deteriorated due to the weather, and weeding. I did add some dirt to bring up the level of the “land” so I could get more ballast on the track. But it’s mostly just been running trains and admiring the view.

Winter Quiet

I’m working on indoor projects at the moment, as the weather hasn’t cooperated for outdoor/train running time. A couple buildings are being fixed up (and a new one built) and I’ve managed to make some more progress on my crossing gates. I’m also working on a Z scale on G scale flatcar, that will be pulled by my LGB loco while a Marklin Z scale loco goes around it. More when it gets warmer.

Dead Fish


Came home from Christmas with the family in Nebraska to find that my Koi had died. I suspect ammonia poisoning–though they’d been in that tank for almost a month, it was pretty small for three medium sized Koi. Now I have to decide if I’ll put more in the pond in the spring, or just leave it fish-free.