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Switch control

I’ve got my first servo-controlled switch on the layout. I’m using a Tam Valley servo singlet,

which gets both power and DCC signal from the track. The amperage draw is nominal when the decoder is just listening, and since at most I would ever move two of these simultaneously I think it’s ok. My layout is rather on the small side–small enough that I don’t expect to ever run more than two locomotives at a time.

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Harp stand

I’ve been wanting to have a visual indicator for switch direction and I decided on these Ozark Miniatures harp stands. The points are being moved by a servo on the other side of the track, which also moves the harp stand.


Running the Mallet

Here’s my LGB 2085D Mallet pulling a rake of HSB coaches. Near the end of the video, you can clearly see the pulsed smoke until timing the smoke puffs to the sound card chuffs. Pretty cool

Of course, you’ll have to ignore the moon-like landscape in the background, as I’m all out of gardening funds for the moment 🙂