Monthly Archives: May 2020

Quiet Spring

This winter I didn’t manage to get any of the buildings from the layout inside to refurbish them, which is when I usually work on that sort of thing. So I’ve brought a couple inside. I bought a few additional live steamers in anticipation of spring, but… between school activities being canceled for my three school-age kids and work going a little crazy, that got away from me too.

A few weeks ago I looked out my back window at the layout and realized that the grass had grown up so much that some parts weren’t visible, and the ROW was overgrown with sedum and juniper. I’m having trouble keeping the weeds out–here in Kansas I need to spend a couple hours a week to keep things under control and I’m pretty busy.


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A Pitiful Amount

Usually I get up to some amazing project in the late winter/early spring. I have time on my hands (sometimes) and there’s a lot of enjoyment anticipating some new feature that will be ready for the first few runs of the year. This year I didn’t get to anything.

Well… not exactly. I managed to do two tiny, pitifully small projects. One was refurbishing my logging vignette–I rebuilt the log wagon almost from scratch and created a pair of lumberjacks chopping at a stump/fallen tree. I also fixed up the “getaway” car from my wedding scene.

That’s a ridiculously small amount of layout work between November and May, but that’s all I had time/energy for.