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More Pond Progress

I was able to make some more progress today. I got the rest of the liner-hiding rock-on-a-roll installed on the front and mostly filled the pond with water.


I need to get some additional plants, line the bottom of the pond with rock-on-a-roll and finish up. But I think it will look good.

Help with the Pond

I started working on the next steps of the pond, installing the liner and the first section of “rock on a roll” that’s intended to hide the liner.

While filling the pond, I had some help–I don’t know why playing with the hose is always so interesting 🙂


Sailboat Idea

Here in Kansas, the wind is a constant problem in the garden. Gusts up to 40mph regularly move things around (including buildings) and wreck havoc.


I’ve been thinking about putting a boat in my pond when it’s done, but with the wind it would need to be anchored somehow. Add to that the possibility of water-level fluctuations, and there’s a problem–if the water gets low and the wind blows, the boat could possibly wind up on shore.

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A Pond?

The hole you see here
Pond being dug
will be a pond in the rear of the layout. Once I scrape together enough money for the materials, I’ll cut the concrete roadbed you see at the back of this image and remove it, replacing the on-the-ground track there with a bridge.

Still not much actual “garden” in the train area. You’ll notice that the weeds are doing fine, though 🙂