Monthly Archives: September 2014

Running the Mallet

Here’s my LGB 2085D Mallet pulling a rake of HSB coaches. Near the end of the video, you can clearly see the pulsed smoke until timing the smoke puffs to the sound card chuffs. Pretty cool

Of course, you’ll have to ignore the moon-like landscape in the background, as I’m all out of gardening funds for the moment 🙂

Working on RaspberryPi

One of my projects is to add JMRI programming (and possibly control through WiFi-enabled smartphones) to the track.


I recently built a new RaspberryPi with a serial board and am testing JMRI. It’s a little slow, but definitely usable. If I switch my RaspbianOS to headless, I think that would fix most of the lag.

Bought a rake of coaches

Although I have some nice Piko and LGB stuff, my budget just can’t handle new (or even relatively lightly used) LGB rolling stock. However, I really wanted a set of passenger Cars to pull behind my LGB 2085D Mallet. A bit of searching showed me that the Newqida coaches, although not of LGB quality, could be painted and otherwise modified to give a good representation of Harz coaches appropriate to pull with my 0-6-6-0. Continue reading Bought a rake of coaches