Monthly Archives: May 2016

Waiting on Parts

I have a lot more to do, but am currently waiting on a list of parts.

For the sawmill/logging scene, I need wheels. I’m going to make some horse-drawn logging wagons, but need wheels.

For the windmill, I need the Pola motor. I ordered it, but it didn’t ship for a couple of days and I’m still impatiently waiting for it to arrive.

For the windmill scene, I ordered some Pressier figures. From Germany. So those will be a while coming.

So lots to do, but right now it’s hurry up and wait.

And Done

The Pola windmill is now complete. Lights added and the whole thing put together, here it is on the workbench.

pola-windmill-complete1  pola-windmill-complete2

I expect it to make a big impression on the layout.

All that’s left is to motorize the blades and it’ll be ready to go outside.