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Waiting on Parts

I have a lot more to do, but am currently waiting on a list of parts.

For the sawmill/logging scene, I need wheels. I’m going to make some horse-drawn logging wagons, but need wheels.

For the windmill, I need the Pola motor. I ordered it, but it didn’t ship for a couple of days and I’m still impatiently waiting for it to arrive.

For the windmill scene, I ordered some Pressier figures. From Germany. So those will be a while coming.

So lots to do, but right now it’s hurry up and wait.


With a Raspberry Pi in the train shed that’s connected to my network, I could easily attach a webcam and be able to “see” the layout even when I’m trapped in my basement office. I decided to go for it:


All those bags in the far background are the dirt from my birthday that I haven’t finished spreading around yet.

Layout Plan Complete

Just finished updating this for (hopefully) the last time. This incorporates all the changes from my original plan–the not-a-wye, adding straights to my revers curve, one less siding in town–and shows the current state of the track, at least. Most of the other scenery is there, too. The only big thing left is the mountain.


Laser Cutter

Just bought this little goody off eBay.
I’ve read some posts on the various train forums that this can be a really useful tool for building structures, making rolling stock, and generally fiddling around. We’ll see how it goes.

Local Train Shop

It’s a funny thing–I got into garden railroading here in central Kansas, a couple hundred miles from the nearest big city–but it turns out that there’s a neat store “near” here in Wichita called Garden Railway Gizmos that carries plenty of large scale stuff. The owner, Claudia, is knowledgeable, friendly, and always a pleasure to do business with. If you happen to be in this area, you should check it out: