Drained Pond :-(

I’ve had various problems with my pond since I first installed it. Partly my fault, as it is probably too shallow (18″) and not quite big enough. Plus, I was using the cheapest pump/filter setup possible. I rectified the filter issues by switching to a much higher capacity, non-submersible filter that I installed in the train shed and plumbed to bed fed and return water to the pond via PVC piping.

While I was in California, the old pump–which I’d reused for the new filter setup–died. So I bought a newer, more powerful pump, set it up, and thought all was copacetic. Unfortunately, sometime between the install and a couple of days later, one of the PVC joints on the pump lines let go and the pump happily drained the pond and then killed itself trying to run dry.

I’ve now fixed the pipe and installed the replacement pump. I’ve also added some pond dye to try and help keep the algae down… We’ll see.