Sailboat Idea

Here in Kansas, the wind is a constant problem in the garden. Gusts up to 40mph regularly move things around (including buildings) and wreck havoc.


I’ve been thinking about putting a boat in my pond when it’s done, but with the wind it would need to be anchored somehow. Add to that the possibility of water-level fluctuations, and there’s a problem–if the water gets low and the wind blows, the boat could possibly wind up on shore.

So here’s my proposed solution:


The concrete weight sitting on the bottom of the pond anchors a 1/4″ brass rod that sticks up above the water level. A hole is drilled in the center of the boat and the boat is placed on the rod. The rod appears as a mast, but allows the boat to rise and fall with the water level, but prevents it from wandering all over the pond.