Moving Away from RaPi

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my experiences with the RaspberryPi’s  I was using for computer control and decoder programming. They aren’t fast, but they were cheap and there was a lot of info on the net about getting them running with JMRI. But…

Unfortunately, they aren’t very stable. I’ve tried a lot of things to resolve this: checked the power supply, switched to  a top of the line SD card, and other recommendations from the net. But without fail the RaPi in my train shed (the one that runs the Web cam and interfaces with my NCE command station) keeps crashing. And worse than the crashes themselves are that they’re unrecoverable–essentially I have to reinstall the RaPi OS every time it dies, which is about once every two weeks.

So I’ve decided to switch to something a little more robust: an Intel Compute Stick PC.


It runs Ubuntu out of the box and should be just about perfect for what I’ll be using it for: just the JMRI server and my Web cam. I’ll post more once I’ve got it in hand and running, but I have high hopes at the moment.

For now I plan on keeping the RaPi that’s on my workbench. It hasn’t had any trouble since I got it working with my SPROG, so I’m guessing that it can keep on keeping on.