Road Foam Update

Well, my original idea of foam for the roads in town didn’t work out too well…


The arrows (click for a larger version) show the problem.

Apparently the black foam expands and contracts too much in the sunlight for it to stay glued to the insulating foam backing. So where it has come unglued from the backing, I’m getting “bubbles” during the daytime, as the expansion of theĀ foamĀ forces it up in places where it’s not glued down.

I really liked the look of this, and the ability to “embed” the streetcar line in the street. But if it won’t stay glued down, it’s not much use.

I’ll probably go back to my original idea, which was to cover the concrete in the town with Henry’s asphalt roofing tar or similar, to get the seamless look I was hoping for. I’m not sure how I’ll handle the streetcar line…