European House

Here’s another of my “winter” projects. This is a European house for the residential section of my town.

The roof is really neat–I picked it up from a Wichita area Garden Railway store. It’s apparently a Pola roof, made in one piece out of resin. It has amazing texture and detail. I picked it up for $10 as it had broken and been repaired.

The building is styrene sheet, laser cut. The doors and windows are commercial, from one of those thin sheets of vacuum-formed plastic. The “wood” that gives is a pseudo half-timbered look is from styrene strips. It was pretty easy to draw this up in Corel Draw, which is what the laser cutter uses. Of course, I’ve been using Draw since 1994 (version 3!) so I’m pretty familiar with it.

This was a surprisingly quick build. I’m thinking I need to make a mold of the roof so I can construct a few more of these. Or perhaps I can use a different roof type to mix up the appearance of them. We’ll see.