Shop Window Details

Here’s how various interior parts were made…

The book spines are a mix of sizes of styrene glued together and painted, and some images printed and stuck to styrene and sprayed with UV resistant spray. The books where you can see the covers are also styrene with images attached. I tried to find images of older books (the 1920’s E.R.B Tarzan books for example, in German) and posters to use. The open book in the center was cast from a HistArts set of molds that I bought to create dining car and warehouse interiors

The grocery store has mostly items from the Pola Market set, which I picked up pretty cheap on eBay. The crates of food from that set just need to be painted. The price signs are tiny sheets of the thinnest styrene I have, glued to steel wire with CA and stuck into the crates. The bottles on the top shelf are from the same HistArts molds as the book. The steel cups are jewelry clasps I got from Walmart (25 for $2). Under the shelf is a micro LED with its leads bent to form the downlight that illuminates the crates.

It’s pretty easy to figure out that the "mannequin" is a decapitated figure The hat models are spare heads from workers I used in the factory. I drilled the necks and inserted a wire, then put the other end of the wire in some resin circles I had left over from casting. The stacks of clothes are thick, painted styrene squares. The outfit hanging on the wall is also made from cut and painted flat styrene sheets.