Motorcycle Factory

I’m in the process of converting a Piko brewery into a motorcycle factory

The building doesn’t have a loading dock or other provision for getting motorcycles into the boxcars, so the first step was to raise it enough that the floor of the factory came out near railcar height. I accomplished this by building a box and topping it with a scored and painted piece of plastic to represent the wooden dock deck. Then I faced the lower portion with cast stone. There also wasn’t any way to get out the back of the building, so I added a roll-up freight door made ot styrene strips.

The painted deck looks good. Once the stone is painted, I think the whole thing will look pretty good.

Since this is a motorcycle factory, I thought that the office should reflect the product. The furniture is handmade, obviously. It looks better through the window than it does in this closeup.

The motorcycle model is cut from thin polystyrene, and the “blueprint” is a piece of polystyrene sheet painted blue and then scratched with a needle to produce white “writing” on the blue background.

This time I cheated a little with the bookcase.

For my first bookcase, I made individual books out of thick styrene, which I then painted and glued to the shelves. It was fun, but ate up a lot of time (and material) This time I glued a printed image of books to a rectangle of wood, then added strips on the face to give it some depth. It’s definitely not as nice/realistic as the one I made to go in the switch tower, but it took about 15 minutes to build, instead of hours

I’ll post more here as I make more progress on this one.