Lots Going On, No Pictures

There are lots of things happening in the G Scale world here at DanzBB. I’ve made more progress on the Neqida passenger cars–they’re all painted, pinstriped, and I’ve put on metal wheel sets. I’ve also installed track power pick-ups in two of them, along with voltage regulators so I can get 5v for the LEDs.

In addition, I’m working on a couple of other projects–the Christmas elephant cars (which don’t look like they’ll be done for this Christmas), and some final work on one of my industrial buildings.

On the planning side, I’m thinking of a few changes to the layout–mainly a second inner loop of track so I can run the passenger train between “town” and the castle, as well as a freight train between town and my industries. It still makes use of the existing loop as the outer loop, so there’s no much re-working involved.

I’m also working on some track-side maintenance buildings, thinking through details of street lighting that’s no connected to a building platform, and a few other details.

Next up on my building list is a Pola switch tower, which should be a lot of fun.