Garden Started

I’m pretty excited to have started on the “garden” part of our garden railroad. Once I get this all sorted, I’ll be able to lay track :o)

First step: outline the terrace (at 20 x 70 feet, it’s not really a “raised bed” in any real sense) These are landscape timbers I got at Menards. Eventually the “wall” will be three timbers high.


Doesn’t look like much 🙂

Then I had a couple tons of topsoil dumped in my driveway. Hopefully having the railroad raised will both separate it from the yard (in the kids minds) where it’s OK to dig and stomp and run, and add interest to our flat-as-a-pancake Kansas yard


By the afternoon, I’d put down landscape fabric (which my wife pinned down so that today’s 30mph winds don’t carry it off) and moved about 30 wheelbarrow loads of dirt. This morning my body is reminding me that I’m not 20 any more

Hopefully after church this morning I’ll be up for moving the rest of the dirt around back and staking out all the landscape timbers.


I’m thinking that I should be able to get this all up by next weekend, as long as my back holds out. If I move a few loads of dirt each afternoon, and get another dumptruck full mid-week, maybe next Saturday I’ll be ready to lay track. Even if I don’t get to that step next week, it’s exciting to finally be “on my way”